Thursday, November 24, 2011

Vacate Streets of Wall

A few words first, and then a test. Again I have been slacking and have not contributed to any fight on the politik forefront. With the passage of the NDAA, hijinks from wanna-be leaders, pandering and utter incompetence from all angles of the federal government, I am going through another phase of ignorance and apathy. It hurts less when I stop swimming in the sewers. Still cannot get beyond the Fukushima tragedy and Gundersen and Ex-SKF are still holding strong and providing a wealth of information.
The new "detain Americans indefinitely" policy has me supremely worried, to the point that I am skeptical about my own freedom of speech. Other flashpoints include Iran and Syria, covert war appears to be going swimmingly. All worthy and frightening topics. Check the feeds. Below, a test for you know who.


Hi ;)
Occupy Wall Street movement  accomplished something

foundation shatters. When the national debt interest payments become impossible to satisfy.

 financial sector  abuses,  retaliatory, strategies
. Banks
fractional reserve banking
  They need deposits to not only satisfy their balances =
power for them.
 run banks run, a fractional reserve system = extremely fragile. But your
Wall Street begging power/stock brokers - diminish damage
, people should discontinue rigged game,

Damn it is almost poetry. Hope to see you soon. Kisses