Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Monday, May 7, 2012

Not Every Zionist Is Jewish And Not Every Jew is a Zionist.

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These days it seems people feel the answer to their problems is solved by Zionism or Nationalism. Nothing really makes me cringe more than people hiding under the flag of their nation and talking wrong about innocent people, like the Palestinian people. It never ceases to amaze me the Racism, the hatred and the ignorance of people who feel entitled and who feel superior to their fellow man. I don't understand how a pot smoking teenager, who feels that authority is out to get him, would agree with right wing policies and support destruction of a nation that they no nothing about. Their father has money, he never has to work, and therefore would never understand what it would be like to live paycheck to paycheck or be human for that matter.

I don't think there is a cure for blindness of the mind and spirit. So how is it that myself and my brothers Malice and Blixfatal (Reflux) broke through the veil? There really isn't an answer to this unless they would like to elaborate. How could anyone really support something, such as government, that does not in anyway care for their own people? This may be a mystery until the end of days. Everyday my hope and faith for humanity dwindle and these days it seems that it is about to run out. Preachers of peace keep hostile actions and thoughts with them and no matter how many years pass by them, if anything, the unnecessary words of hate and intolerance seem to grow. They never let go. We take to much, we expect no less than perfection. So when something tilts slightly against their thought process, we turn to Theism and blind rage.

Shut your fucking mouth and open your eyes. There is no acceptance for killing and for demeaning anyone around you. Corporations and the government won't protect you. Your nation or their flag will not stop a bullet from hitting your pathetic heart. Arm yourself with knowledge and rise up for the truth.

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