Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Net-Neutrality Bill Struck Down In US Court; Worry Settles In

Today at noon: [the voting on the Net Neutrality Law] "Should internet service providers be allowed to restrict access to websites and block certain content from customers depending on how much they pay to be connected? On Tuesday, a federal appeals court said yes.

That ruling was handed down early Tuesday by way of a 2-1 decision in the United States Court of Appeals for the District Columbia Circuit in Washington, DC, and those who’ve been following the case closely say this week’s decision could have colossal consequences for the way Americans access the internet." -sourced from rt.com [full article can be read here]

Unfortunately this issue is not as new as it sounds; in 2011 Net Neutrality was struck down for the first time by our House of Representatives with the vote coming down to party lines as 15 republicans all voting to strike the rules against the 8 Democrats supporting them. However, the rules were not seen widely as regulations. In fact, the rules were meant to protect consumers by insisting Internet Service Providers could not selectively block web traffic and ensuring all web access was treated equally. So why is this law NOT being supported by our government? What does this mean for us? If the government no longer enforces the Open Internet Order, It means that the internet could be largely controlled by broadband companies and what content you are allowed to access could be determined by what Internet Service Provider you have, and organizations like the NSA can gain easier access to website tracking (and restricting) and data collecting (and restricting) under these ISPs simply because these companies are required (forced) to give this data to the NSA already.

Here is a wonderful article from Marvin Ammori on the topic of the losing of Net Neutrality in the Opinions section of wired.com: http://www.wired.com/opinion/2013/11/so-the-internets-about-to-lose-its-net-neutrality/

Once again our own US government is trying to restrict and delegate our right to digital information and content, now to the highest bidder. Just like SOPA/PIPA in 2012, we need to stop government regulation of our right to the internet including our own digital privacy. With this in light, a new movement has come into play, and it's one that needs to be supported by even the most ordinary of Americans to combat this sickness. On February 11, a broad coalition of internet-involved organizations will go online to protest massive electronic surveillance by various governments. The protest was announced on the anniversary of Aaron Swartz’s suicide and is dedicated to his memory. The software engineer and online freedom activist took his life in 2013 amid prosecution over alleged illegal downloading of a large number of academic journal articles, the charges which could have landed him in jail for up to 35 years. The protest coalition includes organizations holding high stakes on online freedoms, like the open-source software developer Mozilla Foundation, link aggregator Reddit and the digital rights group Electronic Frontier Foundation. The organizers hope to repeat the success of the internet blackout against SOPA/PIPA bills. In January 2012 thousands of websites, including Wikipedia, Reddit, Flickr and others, went dark in a symbolic gesture to demonstrate, that the bills debated at the time in the US Congress would ruin the internet as we know it.

So it's time to rise up. February 11th, 2014 is THE DAY WE FIGHT BACK!

Follow the link to get more information on what can be done to support and get cool little web tools to show your support on social media sites. Also follow the discussions on Reddit @ /r/thedaywefightback

Friday, August 2, 2013

Confusion Along the Pastures

Hello friends, innocent passersby, enemies, NSA etc, Blix back in action ready to bring you the top news stories of the day. An unemployed Caucasian couple welcomed their first-born son into reality to much fanfare across the Earth, go figure. Thousands of pounds(double entendre) of tea dumped into a harbor to protest taxation without representation by the crown, a few hundred years later and the dutiful serfs are gaga over the new royal plaything. This author has zero respect for any alleged "Monarchy". WE, HUMANITY, are not ruled by a crowned clown sitting pretty in opulent palaces. WE, HUMANITY, do not slave to serve thrones of any kind. Although there are many arguments to be made in contradiction of these statements, they are basic truths which should be upheld when regular humans begin lifting other regular humans to godlike status worthy of supreme adoration. A simple note for the no-longer-plebeian public, royalty is invalid.

A second quick note. While reviewing recent prior posts, a post was penned detailing the Zimmerman/Martin fiasco and ultimately a conclusion was stated, a prediction was made. In my short writing career, I have scoured many varied data points attempting to gain a grasp on realities and current events, however I have hesitated to make definitive statements like the kind made in that post, for good reason. I am no Nostradamus, I do not peer into glass balls seeking the future, and rarely have my estimations yielded exact results. Predictions are best left to weatherpeople and prophets.
It must be said though, the conclusion of the Zimmerman trial was enlightening. It displayed the raw power that black ink spilled upon pages years ago by rich, mostly white men can wield when attempting to apply to real life, fluid situations. Laws can be craftily written to exclude things or people. Sneaky loopholes that only a high paid tax attorney would have the wherewithal to properly apply are left couched within codified regulation, there for those that can, do and will benefit from. Interestingly, a law can be crafted in such a way as to actually ALLOW MURDER! It is not in my job description to further race bait and beg for justice, it is in my job description however to LEARN. Instead of allowing your emotions to flood an overtaxed mind, keep your calm and take in your surroundings. It is an historic day when one can proclaim that a most heinous human action -perhaps the most egregious punishment one human can foist upon another- is not only legal, but enshrined as a right. Take that and chew on it for a while.
Now that the bad taste is in full effect,  another comment on the above. The previous Zim/Martin post aimed to show what the actual point of all the media coverage was. It was not for justice, it was not in defense of justice either. It was primarily used as a dividing tool, a way to drive a wedge between humans and other humans. Divide and Conquer, no matter how stale and cliche its use might be is complete truth here, total reality-based strategy. The people, sufficiently incensed cannot enjoin hands and march toward actual freedom or justice. People are fed a festering plate of racism and confusion, and act accordingly.
I will not further the racebait idea by displaying it for your consumption, however one can easily search and learn the details. Race-based attacks occurred in many places after the verdict was read. Old white joggers getting decked, flashmob beatdowns and the like. This WAS the point of the trial, or rather, the wide and obsessive media coverage of it. And the strategy worked like a charm. The outrage may as of yet reached feverpitch, or perhaps the 24/7 news cycle has already washed human minds of yesterdays bloviation, but the utility of media coverage placed in the "right" hands is undeniable.

A third and final note, that of whistleblowing, and the spies who love us. A quick stroll through local and even national news comment sections is both disgusting and depressing. Many have differing ideas about where the polity went wrong. Where and when Americans completely forgot what being an American was about, what legal rights Americans used to have, and about the role and scope of the government that works for us. There is a mental sickness that infected many, many Americans and fooled them into firmly believing that they don't have any right to privacy where "national security" is involved. Bush really worked over the Right during his tenure, and Obama made the Left accept it. People have been PTSD'ed into giving up liberty, and giving it away with a smile. This is shown by numerous Americans calling for blood and death for two heroic whistleblowers. It is simply atrocious to watch humans argue about how bad the punishment should be for someone guilty of: releasing information proving that the government is completely out of control, completely destroying constitutional protections that have been enshrined and codified for hundreds of years. This is akin to the Zimmerman/Martin thought experiment. People are shown exactly how bad the government has become, people have been shown exactly the lengths the government has gone to obscure, cover up, and keep secret its level of illegality, and its many programs of illegality. And the response to showing exactly why the government programs are wrong, illegal, overreaching, overly broad, illegal, and unconstitutional is: punish the messenger, and punish them now, and punish them hard. Not even a second of examination is given to the claims made, only thoughts about how to restore order, how to further worship and protect our valiant and fearless protectorate racket. It is a defining moment in U.S. history: Americans have completely given up on the idea of liberty. No FEMA internment camps are needed, the government has a firm stranglehold on the American psyche, and it is only getting worse.
Of course there are plenty of dissenting, rational voices out there who are speaking out against this, but they are no longer a majority. A large number of Americans have been poisoned by the ideology of authority worship, and the collective mental sickness is on display for all to see. Someone risking their life and limb to simply INFORM the populace about potential(and existing) criminality is someone to be praised. Someone will literally rot in a human cage for the rest of their natural life, only for an effort of sharing truth. Bizarro world is in full effect now, this is the new reality. The specter of physical cages or threats of punishment pale in comparison to the diseased consciousness which pervades the new America.

This is the New American Century.


Friday, May 31, 2013

Enemies of the State: What Happens When Telling the Truth about Secret US Government Power Becomes a Crime. Blowing the Whistle on Spying, Lying & Illegalities in the Digital Era.

While watching the keynote speech of the 29c3 by Jacob Appelbaum he mentioned that one of the most important, if not, the most important talks of the conference is this talk here. A panel of 3 whistleblowers and truth tellers, Jesselyn Radack, Thomas Drake and William Binney tell their accounts of their first hand experiences while working within the US government and how they (US government) planned and even implemented programs and actions that not only violated privacy but our basic rights as humans and our constitutional rights. I downloaded this speech and listened to it while I was at work so I never had the proper opportunity to view the slides they showed to the audience. Jacob was absolutely right. This is such an important talk. I was shocked by what I was hearing (listen as she mentions American Al Qaeda.) There is plenty more and one of the most stunning accounts from this talk was Thomas Drake's analysis of data and how we use it and how the government (NSA) can get a hold of it.

Alot of what they refer to are personal accounts that really hit your heart. Between the FBI raiding homes and pointing guns at children to being black balled for telling the truth. This talk has opened my eyes even further and it truly is frightening. But what this video does not show is the Q&A with this panel. Even though fear lingers in my spine these people talk with such light and optimism (more blatantly in the Q&A.) Luckily the audio (full presentation: audio only) has this. It also brings hope that there are people out there that will not stand down when freedoms and rights are thrown out the window.These people bring great information and hope. The people will rise and the government should be frightened. This is a very important talk for every person who resists or who wants to learn about what their government is doing to them and their natural lives.

Existence is Resistance

A quick artist overview of how CISPA would impact our lives over the internet...

Monday, April 22, 2013


In solidarity with the movement and protests against CISPA, Trials, Tribulations and Maniacal Manipulations will go dark for 24 hours. The vast blackness you see before you is indicative of the type of chilling effect CISPA and further infringements upon personal liberty and privacy could contribute to. The largest spying apparatus on Earth still has an appetite to vacuum more of everyones information wherever it deems possible. Previous efforts have been defeated, but the criminals are still moving forward. Will you move forward, or fall back into the blackness?

Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Primer on the Illusion of Authority

Been on the anti-authoritarian bent latley, thought it proper to share this video. Larken Rose dutifully illustrates why authority is illusion. Take THAT fake authoritarians! I'll be watching you fuckers..

Much Nothing Regarding Ado

Living in the freest nation on this planet is an exercise in intrigue. Since its political inception, the United States government has been bound by a codex of rights retained by citizens, rights that cannot be infringed upon. The Constitution is a set of rules meant to curb governmental abuses and to ensure that men and women remain in personal life generally free from the paws of power. The really surprising notion is just how far the government will go to abridge these rights, to restrict them, to defile the code that was implemented to restrain them. Once a government is legitimated and instituted, it must struggle and fight for its survival. A government, like an organism is concerned primarily with self-preservation. Individual liberty has clearly taken a back seat to this first directive, and the road toward tyranny continues unabated. In some instances, the sophisticated rulers are even able to concoct public outcry in a direction suiting not liberty, but the thirst for governmental control. People in American society today are plagued by a severe lack of understanding about their own rights, and the rights that their supposed rulers trample upon and usurp. Many are simply disinterested in these concepts, whether the distraction is professional sports or fashionista fancy. In a free society, this type of blame can only be carried so far. The schizophrenic nature of freedom affords humans self-determination. It is not illegal to ignore the bread and circus extravaganza on display, and one cannot blame another for missing the utility of understanding and comprehension. Society is under a constant assault whose objective is to accomplish a level of disinterest and apathy. The two wings on the same bird of prey work wonders, allowing outrage and political difference to be neatly quarantined on one or the other side of "the fence". The importance of this cannot be overstated. There is a real problem with political apathy, but there is another clear and present danger residing in those who vociferously defend the system which continues to restrict and impinge their liberty.
There are many that even claim to respect liberty and the "law of the land", while being simultaneously manipulated into defaming and destroying it. If the attacks of September 11th provided any learning opportunity, it would be found in how societal psychology can be toyed with and manipulated to swallow the most heinous outrages with very little resistance. In some cases, a majority of the population can be made to practically beg for new rules or restrictions. This is a very dangerous moment in human history. It appears as an apex or a bell curve, a visual graph showing the amplitude and frequency of liberty versus tyranny. In the beginning, future United States citizens had to rebel completely against their rulers in a violent revolution. And after that, the rules and regulations foisted upon the concept of government were produced almost as a reaction to what the founders saw as transgressions by a foreign and illegitimate ruler. This was the beginning of the bell curve rocketing skyward. Never before had the world seen that degree of personal liberty and governmental restraint codified in an official document, much less followed by the government built to defend it. Surely there were previous victories, and there will also be future victories, if society today can heal a nasty spat of political amnesia.
Somewhere along that bell curve, perhaps it was the cold war. Perhaps it was the Vietnam quagmire, or the Iraq quagmire. We may even thank the great Emmanual Goldstein himself, Osama Bin Laden for helping convince government to destroy their basis of power and prestige on the world stage. The alleged operation by Osama Bin Laden alone could not have perceivably accomplished a fraction of the damage done to greater society without help from the INSIDE. This is a curious concept to explore, the idea that a significant attack can occur and affect the leadership so greatly that they begin destroying their own freedom. Like the parasite who invades the brain of a cricket and convinces it to drown, so that the parasite may escape and live on. The parasite Bin Laden accomplished far more than he was given credit for. Sure, the September 11th attacks were horrific and severely damaging to the American Psyche. The attacks even managed to kill three buildings with two stones. But political leadership used the attacks as a pretext to instigate a dismantling of some of the most important protections that exist anywhere on Earth. Thanks to parasitical politicians on every side of the aisle, people are willing more and more to assent to government, no matter how dangerous to personal liberty it may be.
This brings us to the main point. Freedom of speech is quickly becoming a lost refuge. All arms of government race toward a total surveillance society. You have the freedom to speak to a friend on the phone, but you do not have the right to that conversation being private. You have the freedom to open an email account, and to utilize it to communicate to persons of your choosing. But you no longer have any assumed right to privacy of communication. The Constitution plainly states our freedoms, while government plainly marches on destroying them. Your freedom of speech now includes government data warehouses being built to store every byte, every word, every whisper. Your freedom of speech now includes an array of info-warriors thrust into social networks to GUIDE the CONVERSATION. To put out ideological fires in the minds of men. To manipulate people at the whim of the government agent and the greater governing structure. As Patreus' recent adventures prove, not even the highest seated authorities are safe from the ruthless intelligence apparatus. The freedom of speech alone has been shown to take down a human regardless of their position in society. It is important to continue asking yourself if you are really free. Do you really have the liberty to say what you feel? Do you have the unfettered ability to communicate with and convince another person to take a deeper look into the issues of today? Do I have the ability to freely write? It appears that way. However, I cannot freely post my ideas to be digested by an untainted pool of opinion. I also do not have the freedom to be ignored. If the post contains enough keywords, someone will come lurking to make sure I didn't fall off my rocker, AND THEY DO! Perhaps they will see my words and label me as someone to be watched, someone to be investigated. All because I sit here arguing about FREEDOM. Releasing each word into the madness of virtual reality as a testament to freedom slowly dying.  As I sit in the eroded plains of a democratic republic, I watch the facebook  and microsoft bots come to scrape their(MY) data, and look at the interesting and nefarious array of IPs who arrive to come taste this brand of free thinking. Or this dangerous and rebellious exercise against authority. I am powerless as one person to stop the terrorist-roar of tyrannical surveillance,  but do not assume for a second that I would fail to display the same level of appreciation for you. You watch us, we most certainly will continue to watch you.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Christopher Dorner: Sapiens-Hunt or, Elephant Exorcism?

The treatment of the bloodthirsty, animalistic Dorner story has been interesting. Manifesto hijinx plentiful. So many probabilities and ways to spin this to serve the agenda. Gun control and other platforms asserted by 'manhunted', downplayed or ignored? Ignoring because its ranting and raving by a lunatic? Ignoring to protect and serve? Protect those serving. Hunt they who endanger those serving to protect. Hunting any who commit the supreme crime considerably higher than that of normal human-on-human murd3r, that of the C0p persuasion. Bringing out the heavies, pulling out all stops to track and capture this so-called 'animal'.

Now that this story has simmered for a few days, a few ideas regarding this media event have materialized. Some have questioned the LAPD's role in Dorner's firing. Some have questioned the use of drones to track down suspected criminals. And that damning police scanner audio is another useful aspect of this story. Suspected is an interesting and important keyword to recall later. Surely there are questions that must be asked. Although justice will never be accomplished in this case.

When I state that justice will never be served, I imagine a voice countering with "Justice was served though. Dorner is dead. End of story". But what exactly is justice then? Is it public satisfaction? Is it a statement by police that justice was served? A statement by the media? Is it a personal belief or feeling of accomplishment? Is justice served when the accused is put to death without being given their day in court? Even the Baghdad Queen Hussein was given a proper trial, and subsequent execution, and that was in IRAQ! Perhaps some context is required to fill out these definitions and better complete the word picture..

(Dictionary.com) Justice -
1. The quality of being just; righteousness, equitableness, or moral rightness:to uphold the justice of a cause
2. Rightfulness or lawfulness, as of a claim or title, justness of ground or reason
3. the moral principle determining just conduct
4. Conformity to this principle, as manifested in conduct, just conduct, dealing, or treatment
5. The administering of deserved punishment or reward
6. the maintenance or administration of what is just by law, as by judicial or other proceedings
7. judgment of persons or causes by judicial process

Now for a quick and filthy primer on the Magna Carta..
From wikipedia.org,
"The 1215 charter required King John of England to proclaim certain liberties and accept that his will was not arbitrary—for example by explicitly accepting that no "freeman" (in the sense of non-serf) could be punished except through the law of the land, a right that still exists.
Magna Carta was the first document forced onto a King of England by a group of his subjects, the feudal barons, in an attempt to limit his powers by law and protect their privileges. It was preceded and directly influenced by the Charter of Liberties in 1100, in which King Henry I had specified particular areas wherein his powers would be limited."The Magna Carta was a critical document in the centuries-long fight for civil liberty. The king was forced to admit and adhere to a doctrine stating that his will, his word, is NOT immutable or free from question or challenge. The United States of America regards herself as the beacon of hope in a skyline of darkness. The United States is supposed to be a country whose governing figures are bound by a code. A colorblind codex of justice and reason. But all of these holy and high concepts mean nothing when civil victories from eight centuries past are ignored, all in pursuit of JUSTICE.

I suppose that the LAPD murdering Chris Dorner technically does fall under one of the definitions for justice, ' The administering of deserved punishment or reward', however definitions are a tricky matter.. Chris Dorner's death could be considered justice, or justified, if indeed the punishment or reward was deserving. But here the contradictions are plainly evident. One cannot assert that punishment was justly administered unless the justice system is allowed to operate and deduce the verity of claims against a suspect. There is a rule of law for a reason. The rule of law and the machinations of the justice system are there as a matter of reason. Suspects have rights under the law because they have not yet been proven or condemned guilty. When those processes occur(this is not to say that this system is perfect, it has its problems) at least one could make a claim that a reasoned process occurred and that justice was sought and attained in a justified manner.It is not legal to burn down a neighbor's home because you simply SUSPECT they stole something. It should not be legal to burn down a SUSPECT in boiling blood for suspected transgressions. As it turns out, there is even a basis for protection against this manner of violence in international law, for whatever thats worth.. "Fucking Burning This Motherfucker" preemptively without trial or negotiation, that 'motherfucker' has been robbed of justice, whether he was a terrorist, a thief, or even a suspected cop killer.

The real danger made apparent by this story is not even the civilian operation of drones in American territory, although this fact is definitely high up on the concern scale. The real danger lies in public worship of those in positions of authority. That full public confidence is given to a police force whose body count by the end of the fugitive battle almost equalled the SUSPECTED killer's. The idea that the police, or the politicians, or the military generals KNOW BETTER simply because of their position in the stratum of society. [Sensible American Voice] Well, we know Chris Dorner committed those crimes because the police are chasing him, the chase is justified. The fugitive chase is justified, the cops murdering innocent bystanders in their pursuit is justified, and the eventual order to murder  a SUSPECT was also justified, because after all, he did it, right? The excuse given by the LAPD regarding terminology and mistaken public understanding of it is absolutely weak and ridiculous. The impassioned roar from the brave cop, I believe it went something like "Fucking burn this motherfucker!" is all the examination necessary to flout claims of confusion. It is also worthy to note that in the entire Dorner drama, from early reporting to the untimely murder of Dorner, no civilians were injured by Dorner. Some can make the argument that his first two alleged victims were civilians and innocent. Civilians, not exactly. Innocent, clearly one does not advocate that these murders were justified, or that Dorner was necessarily innocent. But it was never proven in court. In the courts of justice. In a system of justice. There was no justice in this story, not for Dorner, not for the LAPD, and not for the innocent civilians gunned down by panicked patrollers.

A final thought on this. The Dorner story is novel in that his manifesto stated his intentions, and his intentions were directly aimed at law enforcement. During his claimed fugitive adventures, he crossed paths with at least two different groups of civilians he could have easily killed or damaged far more severely (no disrespect to any of the victims either).  It is notable that he did not. His actions appear in accordance with his manifesto dictates, consider this..
While P.O.s may believe they are above the law, and superior, they are not. Many, if not most officers in L.E. are probably decent and ethical people. There are some that get away with dirty deeds, miscarriages of justice, mistaken identity tragedy but they are constrained by law and civil procedure. This discussion is not necessarily about any specific outrages, but more about a culture being drenched by a lake of authoritarian ideology and deference based upon location on the authority power pyramid. One who becomes an officer of law enforcenment agrees to payment to perform a service: serve and protect. A police officer is allowed conscious choice, they can decide to or not to write a ticket, to discontinue chasing a SUSPECT when there is significant danger to the public. I do not care how far up the pyramid one resides in the authoritarian paradigm, reality is reality. This was not a cavalier, dashing rescue or protection mission for lowly civilian life. The police were keenly aware of the threat Dorner posed to THEM, the threat had to be neutralized. Sure, the public can be warned and made to worry about the merciless, morally-abject killer on the loose, but evidence in this case bears out that not being the truth. Dorner went after who he thought was the monster. The residual mess left by the LAPD is what happens when their protected, superior, AUTHORITARIAN class is threatened, and makes me question the definition of monstrosity. And although I state these claims about police being equals to every other human, in the blind eye of justice, another truth is revealed...

"In 2005, The Supreme Court of the United States ruled that police do not have a constitutional duty to protect a person from harm." -Wikipedia.org

This is the perfect statement of clarity on authority and rule of law. Police do not have a constitutional duty to protect a person from harm, but be damned scared when one of their own is threatened.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Remembering Hugo Chavez (1954-2013)

"By the time I was 21 or 22, I made myself a man of the left."
Early yesterday, the world was informed of the untimely death of their beloved Venezuelan President, freedom fighter, and military leader, Hugo Rafael Chavez. Chavez has fought many battles throughout his lifetime, namely his battle with political corruption and his final two year battle with cancer. It was in his younger years, mainly through literature, that Chávez began to have his doubts about the army and their methods in using torture. At the same time, he was becoming increasingly critical of the corruption in both the army and in the civilian government, coming to believe that despite the wealth being produced by the country's oil reserves, Venezuela's poor masses were not receiving their share, something he felt to be inherently un-democratic. In doing so, he began to sympathise with the Red Flag Party (do your research) and their cause, if not their violent methods. And so, in 1977, he founded a revolutionary movement within his military career in the hope that he could one day introduce a leftist government to Venezuela: the Venezuelan People's Liberation Army (ELPV). Five years after his creation of the ELPV, Chávez went on to form a new secretive cell within the military, the Bolivarian Revolutionary Army-200 (EBR-200), later redesignated the Revolutionary Bolivarian Movement-200 (MBR-200).

 He would go on to organize (and unfortunately lose) Operation Zamora (1992) of which Chavez and a small group of rebels attempted to intercept and take custody of then President Carlos Andres Perez, the candidate of the centrist Democratic Action Party, who was elected President after promising to oppose the United States government's Washington Consensus and financial policies recommended by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Nevertheless, he did neither once he got into office, following instead the neoliberal economic policies supported by the United States and the IMF. He dramatically cut spending, and put prominent men in governmental posts. A debate soon developed in the Bolivarian movement as to whether it should try to take power in elections or whether it should instead continue to believe that military action was the only effective way of bringing about political change. Chávez was a keen proponent of the latter view, believing that the oligarchy would never allow him and his supporters to win an election, whilst Francisco Arias Cárdenas instead insisted that they take part in the representative democratic process. Cárdenas himself proved his point when, after joining the Radical Cause socialist party, he won the December 1995 election to become governor of the oil-rich Zulia State.

Subsequently changing his opinion on the issue, Chávez and his supporters in the Bolivarian movement decided to found their own political party, the Fifth Republic Movement (MVR) in July 1997 in order to support Chávez's candidature in the Venezuelan presidential election of 1998. And in that year, Hugo Chavez found himself the victor and served the Venezuelan people for 14 years, being reelected once again in January of this year, giving his nation constitutional reform, resistance against the CD and it's "democratic" opposition, and established as Chavez put it, "Socialism of the 21st century". 

Chavez' legacy will live on through his people for what we can only hope will be for all time. A report on Chavez' death on the 'Russian Times' news station speculated the future of Venezuela with a poll which stated "Now that Hugo Chavez has died, Venezuela will..." with the following voting results:

7% - "Be led towards a more moderate stance by Maduro"
16% - "Descend into chaos as a new power struggle emerges"
46% - "Carry on as before, led by Vice President Nicolas Maduro"
31% - "Fall to the US-backed opposition"

Here are some links from the Russian Times website in relation to what's to come for the nation of Venezuela this year:

Chavez's Pal Or US Backed Rich Kid: Who Will Inherit Venezuela?

Venezuelan Elections: It's Either Chavez Or Washington!

This year is going to be a large amount of change and unrest; it's time to strap ourselves in, because we are along for the ride.

Gone But Will Never Forgotten: Hugo Chavez (July 28th, 1954 - -March 5th, 2013)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Drones, Stones, and Blood Atonement

In the treachery of human existence today, it should come as a surprise to no one that the world is a dangerous place. With renewed, 'serious discussion' about gun control, citizens are willingly and with open arms reaching toward tantalizing theme songs bleating from the orifices of our fearless leaders. These songs are marked by promises of protection, of safety, of a bravery-laden strategy that will assure "no tragedy such as: X,Y, or Z EVER happening again". And said citizens would be foolish to believe any leader in the polity who ventures to promise such a fantasy.
The cold hard truth about existing on planet Earth is the truth of survival, and death. As far as any scientist can tell, even the infinite universe eventually comes to an end point. By being birthed into this reality, one simple premise must be accepted: life is temporary. Existence is guaranteed to no one. Those who somehow hit the universes' genetic jackpot are granted existence which can be taken, revoked, or simply forced into expiration at any moment. While these facts are absolute, it should be said that all of this reinforces the beauty and importance of the fragile human experience. Life is extremely improbable if viewed from a severely scaled-back macro-view of the universe. We are still struggling to find other forms of life in our own cosmic backyard. Because of the supreme fragility of life, personal protection is incumbent upon each organism. If viewed as natural selection, the organisms must struggle in its surroundings and fight for life, and those most suited to excel in the environment are able to procreate and extend their genetics into tomorrow. But today, humans have excelled beyond the simplicity of natural selection. With the advent of medicine, agricultural methods, and harnessing technology humanity has created a new paradigm where each day humans escape natural selection. Asthmatic children who may not have survived beyond childhood are aided by medicinal methods to allow them to breathe. Many diseases and illnesses have been beaten back by human ingenuity. However, the fragility of life has only been made less fragile than before, the simple fact of ultimate survival remains the same.
With all the above considered, humans must still ensure their own protection in the chaotic universe. No law can stop someone from ending their own life. No law can physically halt a person from grabbing a rock and striking another person. Laws are like window curtains. They look beautiful draped across the window, having the ability to mask sunlight, or to allow it in. They can be made colorful and loud, or subtle and silent. But curtains will never stop the suns nuclear reactions. In the same way, laws will never completely stop the horrible causes and consequences of crime. No politician has the ability to guarantee one life, although by some feat of sardonic comedy they have the ability to snuff it out. This is where real danger lies. In militaries unleashed upon native populations to savage and destroy their landscapes. In police forces where normal humans are inculcated with a level of illusory power over other humans. In politicians who are inculcated with a different and superior kind of illusory power, that of control over every human in their sphere of influence.
Humans should take pause and consider these statements against the actions of politicians. Politicians have no real control over society except the extent to which their fantasy is accepted. And while they can make no real difference, they are eager to make humanity believe in them. They also eagerly legislate new societal remedies for public consumption. Politicians ultimately cannot ever promise or stop death, because they are not allowed currently and are unable to stop life. With life comes trade offs. With life comes the balancing of resources, environmental and biological factors against an infinity of probabilities. With life comes uncertainty.
 In life, not even a single can person can ensure their own survival, they can only struggle ever-vigilant with this aim in mind. And for this reason, any attempt that impedes or diminishes an individual's ability  to protect his or her own life should be disputed, dispelled and discarded. In this brave new world, the president of the United States can murder anyone on Earth without even a shadow of scrutiny or a sliver of justification. Humans are completely on their own, and must retain the responsibility of ultimate self-preservation strictly to the self. Humans cannot promise other humans anything when it comes to the cosmic covenant. Do not run in vain to other humans who promise you the dream of unfettered existence, it doesn't exist.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

[LEAKED] Obama's Rules for Assassinating American Citizens

A happy belated New Year to all of you. Here is our very first post for the 2013 year and also let's go ahead and welcome our very own President Barack Obama back for another term! In 2008, America made a drastic change by electing it's first African American president into the Oval Office. From then on, we have all been very excited with the promising hopes of change, looking forward to a future with no more war, no more poverty and no more economic suffrage, debt and dependency. And yet here we are...four years later and we are still looking for that change. Throughout the course of this man's term however, Obama has made some stunning achievements as president; health care reform was finally passed, the stimulus package & Wall Street reform was passed, he turned around the auto industry, generally improved America's image and did many other things that if you wish to know about, you can find out about right here. Now, as you're reading through that list, make sure you read and understand very carefully what some of those achievements really consist of. For example, his 21st achievement "Tightened Sanctions on Iraq". I'm not going to get into excruciating detail about any of these simply because that's not what this post is about, but you have to really THINK and UNDERSTAND what "achievements" we are really celebrating. I'm sure many of you would also approve of his fourth and maybe his fifth achievement, something about ending the War in Iraq is what it's talking about (and what we generally believe) right? Anyways, this post is to celebrate his newest achievement that was just leaked to NBC news yesterday; a secretish 16-page white paper from the Department of Justice that was provided to select members of the Senate last June. This paper, certainly a shock to read, is discussing the Obama Administration’s most secretive and controversial polices: its dramatically increased use of drone strikes against Al-Qaida suspects, including those aimed at American citizens, such as the September 2011 strike in Yemen that killed alleged Al-Qaida operatives Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan. Both were U.S. citizens who had never been indicted by the U.S. government nor charged with any crimes. The confidential Justice Department “white paper” introduces a more expansive definition of self-defense or imminent attack than described by Brennan or Holder in their public speeches. It refers, for example, to what it calls a “broader concept of imminence” than actual intelligence about any ongoing plot against the U.S. homeland. Instead, it says, an “informed, high-level” official of the U.S. government may determine that the targeted American has been “recently” involved in “activities” posing a threat of a violent attack and “there is no evidence suggesting that he has renounced or abandoned such activities.” The memo does not define “recently” or “activities.” Below, you can go ahead and read this white paper yourself. And a special thanks to Mike Riggs for making this information public.

Lawfulness of a Lethal Operation Directed Against a U.S. Citizen who is a Senior Operational Leader of Al Q... by Mike Riggs

So, within four years, Obama has dramatically decreased the number of US troops and military forces in foreign regions but has not decreased the ever-tightening grip of "American Democracy". We may not be there physically, but our military is constantly providing the Middle East with unmanned predator drone strikes and, while doing so, constantly playing out the same political game that ANY politician (white or black) would be doing, and that's promising the citizens of this country the freedoms that are briefly mentioned in every speech but never fully redeemed upon while maintaining a strong, democratic "service" to all foreign nationals, and now, we are extending that service to our very own foreign nationals! Four more years of freedom & change for all! *choke*

Monday, June 18, 2012

Logic, Emotion, Terror, and Blindness

Above is a video made known to me by two comrades. In it, Data, a logic-driven android incapable of understanding or feeling emotion, struggles with the concept of terrorism as a means to achieve political goals. While I do not advocate any form of terror (Hi DHS ;) or violence against innocent people, I aim to utilize critical thinking for this object lesson in logic. One definition of logic states "a particular method of reasoning or argumentation: We were unable to follow his logic" And another, "the science that investigates the principles governing correct or reliable inference". It is a systematic method of resolving inconsistencies in a line of thinking. Quickly defining terrorism "the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes" Now let us take an easy example: Iran.

Iran has a nuclear power program. The United States claims Iran has a covert weapons program, and demands(as a precondition to diplomacy) that Iran halt work. Here is where the logic comes in. Doing a quick search now using the terms "Iran options on the table", quoting Reuters, "In his State of the Union address, Obama said Tehran was isolated and facing "crippling" sanctions that he said would continue so long as the Islamic Republic keeps its back turned to the international community."America is determined to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, and I will take no options off the table to achieve that goal. But a peaceful resolution of this issue is still possible, and far better, and if Iran changes course and meets its obligations, it can rejoin the community of nations," he said." 

Terror: use of violence/threats to intimidate, for political purpose

President: I will take no options off the table to achieve that goal 
President = Terrorism? 

Logic truly is that basic. There will always be qualifiers and variables in any equation. In the same manner, there will always exist differing social/political/moral viewpoints surrounding an issue. However, logic lacks distinguishing and malleable filters for every situation. It sees beyond mere human constrictions and strikes to the core of claims, statements, and equivocal assertions. If only more humans had an interest in developing this ability.. 

Anyone interested or skeptical about my claims regarding logic can learn more below, free your mind!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Not Seen On TV, Not Heard In Educational Institutes

Terrorism has been defined graciously by the mass media, which feeds our zombified brains on a daily basis in an unhealthy time frame of quickness and vague details. We want to accept that these people who deliver this info are reliable and would tell us the truth. Did they tell you about the bombs we dropped on a Palestinian  family late last night? They did, did they. Did they tell you what the bombs carried? Oh, they failed to tell you the true facts? So they failed to mention that they dropped white phosphorus and depleted uranium on an innocent family with an unmanned predator drone. That is what Terrorism is. For the mere thousands (1,000-3,000) of US citizens killed in 9/11 we kill more than 10,000+ people in the middle east and this number keeps growing and is probably bigger than we think.

This is happening because of Imperialism. This has always been the agenda of United States since 1945 as they have attempted to overthrow over 50 foreign governments from Vietnam to Cuba.  None of which have been a direct threat to the country and freedom of it's people (corporations) but has been a constant resistance to their Imperialist vision. One of the United States biggest enemies of the modern age is not the stone throwing guerrilla warriors of Palestine but the Left Wing views of three Latin American countries and their leaders: Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, Evo Morales of Bolivia and Rafael Correa of Ecuador. These leaders have been fairly and democratically elected by the people of these countries for their polices that, unlike the US, reflect the will of their own people. But, at the same time, they are going against the wishes of the United States and the CIA. Only in the United States and lets not forget the 51st state Israel  would it would be wrong to support your own people. In essence of humanity, we must continue to support these three leaders and oppose the polyarchy that is conservative thinking in the United States today.

Supporting left wing ideals and resisting capitalist thievery can help benefit not only ourselves but those around us. They are the reason why the poor become poorer and rich are allowed to steal from our hard work. It wouldn't hurt yourself to become knowledgeable on not only the facts that they hide but the underground tactics that will help you take direct action against this tyranny. The time to rise up and fight is NOW! Not later when they kill more children, not later when your living conditions become worse than they are. The time is right now. Think for yourself next time someone, like the news reporters, tells you a lie in support of an Imperialist disease.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Monday, May 7, 2012

Not Every Zionist Is Jewish And Not Every Jew is a Zionist.

<iframe width="640" height="480" src="http://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/EfVwVuYbOlU?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

These days it seems people feel the answer to their problems is solved by Zionism or Nationalism. Nothing really makes me cringe more than people hiding under the flag of their nation and talking wrong about innocent people, like the Palestinian people. It never ceases to amaze me the Racism, the hatred and the ignorance of people who feel entitled and who feel superior to their fellow man. I don't understand how a pot smoking teenager, who feels that authority is out to get him, would agree with right wing policies and support destruction of a nation that they no nothing about. Their father has money, he never has to work, and therefore would never understand what it would be like to live paycheck to paycheck or be human for that matter.

I don't think there is a cure for blindness of the mind and spirit. So how is it that myself and my brothers Malice and Blixfatal (Reflux) broke through the veil? There really isn't an answer to this unless they would like to elaborate. How could anyone really support something, such as government, that does not in anyway care for their own people? This may be a mystery until the end of days. Everyday my hope and faith for humanity dwindle and these days it seems that it is about to run out. Preachers of peace keep hostile actions and thoughts with them and no matter how many years pass by them, if anything, the unnecessary words of hate and intolerance seem to grow. They never let go. We take to much, we expect no less than perfection. So when something tilts slightly against their thought process, we turn to Theism and blind rage.

Shut your fucking mouth and open your eyes. There is no acceptance for killing and for demeaning anyone around you. Corporations and the government won't protect you. Your nation or their flag will not stop a bullet from hitting your pathetic heart. Arm yourself with knowledge and rise up for the truth.

<iframe width="853" height="480" src="http://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/ZRvy0YKudvw?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Monday, April 23, 2012

Systemic Sickness or How I Learned to Stop Worrying About Trayvon Martin and Love George Zimmerman

I have been decidedly mum on the post title's issue pretty much since the wave of race-baiting, victim pimping and gung-ho vigilantism was instigated. There are certain news stories spotlighted and reinforced by the media to meet a specific end. Whether or not the talking heads who reinforce, regurgitate and reiterate media memes know what they are doing, those who orchestrate the mass mainstream consciousness are witting perpetrators perpetuating themes and underlying assumptions in news coverage.

The fervor began with the news stories circulating that a non-black man shot a black teenager armed only with a hoodie, skittles and iced tea. At face value, the crime appears to be pure murder. Slowly additional facts trickle out. Zimmerman: a self-proclaimed guardian of the community, deputy member of a NON-SANCTIONED Neighborhood watch program, walking and protecting the streets, a Floridians first line of defense. Zimmerman, a man who, after a simple startpage.com search was shown to have been a ridiculous, almost crazed fanatic bent on phoning 911 at the slightest provocation (I read that he had called 911 50 times previously, all of them leading to nothing, feel free to correct if this is wrong).

And then there is Trayvon Martin. 17 year old black kid with a boyish face and a penchant for sweatshirts with hoods, skittles and iced tea. With the breakneck speed quickness of the mainstream media, there were immediately different pictures of Martin plastered across glowing television sets across the United States and beyond. The immediate details of his crime became apparent, innocently walking home until fervent protector Zimmerman took the law into his own hands and decided to gun down the unarmed teenager in the dark of night, seemingly unprovoked. The media memes swirled over and over, how could this innocent, cherub-like child have possibly initiated a battle to the death, with as innocent a mission as going to a convenience store for candy. This is where the media really kicked into overdrive, selectively releasing conflicting information over the next weeks of the tragedy and coverage therein.

The first fishy fact was released early on in the case, that being Zimmerman, as a "neighborhood watch captain" was not with any neighborhood watch program registered in the community. The "fact" that Zimmerman was a neighborhood watch captain/deputy/dimwit/vigilante was and is reinforced with vicious repetition. The fact that he was not registered in the community with a legitimized neighborhood watch program was not. This distortion is critical to a media narrative, now with a racially charged angle on the attack, I think members in the media deem it important to repeat this farce if and when Zimmerman is ultimately exonerated: Zimmerman was just a good citizen of the community looking out for its well-being against the night terrors on the attack. He sure did yeomans duty with this murder.

The next media distortions all arrived amidst a confused and muddled narrative. First the 911 call is released, then subsequent additional audio is released without creative editing. The narrative at what I would call the 2nd quarter, is in Americans trying to understand why this act was committed, through listening to these calls.  The 911 calls were the first tangible eyewitness account, if Zimmerman's words are not accepted.The Zimmerman 911 call is actually far more illuminating to his state of mind than it is a cut and dry clarification on what really occurred. My analyzation of this phone call amounted to Zimmerman not necessarily being a racist hell-bent on violence and death, but of a borderline mentally handicapped man with a mallcop mentality, taking justice into his own hands. Zimmerman laments that "these assholes always get away" and proceeds to follow a man deemed a potential suspect, merely for being suspicious looking and in Zimmermans wheelhouse, so eager to catch his prey. Against repeated orders by the phone operator to stand down, to discontinue pursuit, to not follow or engage with the suspect, Zimmerman persevered and continued pursuit. I believe firmly that Zimmerman attained the results he so glibly thirsted for. Zimmerman may not be intelligent enough to have concocted a scheme to bait Martin into attacking him, I don't grant him that much credit. However a few things are clear through the information already released.

Zimmerman was itching to catch a criminal, to get someone punished for perceived attacks upon his community. Zimmerman had a track record of harassing 911 without producing any real results for law enforcement. Martin, while his past has now been dragged into the zeitgeist and many have attempted to slander his character through claims of marijuana use and physical violent confrontations, was, at first an innocent bystander, truly moving through the neighborhood to obtain candy. Beyond this, the story becomes shrouded and convoluted and will be likely impossible to clarify without an additional eyewitness who can back up or refute Zimmerman's claims of self defense.

As it stands now, it is an extremely unfortunate fact that Martin was gunned down, whether in self defense or the most heinous of cold blooded murder. Whether or not Zimmerman was the innocent bystander, a stalwart community protector purely defending it, he was absolutely in the wrong for suspecting a black kid of being a thief simply because he was black and walking through a neighborhood. Zimmerman is a true piece of shit for at best goading Martin into a scuffle he couldn't possibly defend himself from. At worst, Zimmerman, for all his protectorate gusto, was trolling the streets thirsting for a confrontation at any expense. A black kid is dead, an hispanic man is out on bail, and mark my words, will eventually be set free. The laws in Florida sound friendly to claims of defense against intruders and aggressors. While Martin may be faulted for going after a fat mentally challenged slob (who was chasing him for no legitimate reason and with no tangible proof), he should not be faulted for ultimately being a victim to vigilante aggression. The worst kinds of problems are those where both sides of the equation are at fault. And ultimately, regardless of where Zimmerman ends up, the damage is done to greater society. Race baiting, race war instigation, racial tension are continuing to be ratcheted by the media and by many well-meaning humans who just want justice. The outcome of this story will not be incarceration or exoneration, it has already arrived. This story was meant to instigate hatred, to ratchet tension, to goad, to boil blood of those who behold it. Those who pay attention will know where the true blame squarely falls.


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Further Brain Sustenance

In a world where information now moves at great speed, the political realm is sometimes difficult to navigate, contextualize and put ideas together coherently. The below commentator, Michael Parenti, is an amazing contributor to the body of political science, and has widened my world view immensely. Many charge him as a Marxist, as if a dirty word, and he gladly accepts. But what he illustrates is so much more. Please seek him out if you want to learn more. And please Malice/Moxi check this dude OUT!