Friday, August 2, 2013

Confusion Along the Pastures

Hello friends, innocent passersby, enemies, NSA etc, Blix back in action ready to bring you the top news stories of the day. An unemployed Caucasian couple welcomed their first-born son into reality to much fanfare across the Earth, go figure. Thousands of pounds(double entendre) of tea dumped into a harbor to protest taxation without representation by the crown, a few hundred years later and the dutiful serfs are gaga over the new royal plaything. This author has zero respect for any alleged "Monarchy". WE, HUMANITY, are not ruled by a crowned clown sitting pretty in opulent palaces. WE, HUMANITY, do not slave to serve thrones of any kind. Although there are many arguments to be made in contradiction of these statements, they are basic truths which should be upheld when regular humans begin lifting other regular humans to godlike status worthy of supreme adoration. A simple note for the no-longer-plebeian public, royalty is invalid.

A second quick note. While reviewing recent prior posts, a post was penned detailing the Zimmerman/Martin fiasco and ultimately a conclusion was stated, a prediction was made. In my short writing career, I have scoured many varied data points attempting to gain a grasp on realities and current events, however I have hesitated to make definitive statements like the kind made in that post, for good reason. I am no Nostradamus, I do not peer into glass balls seeking the future, and rarely have my estimations yielded exact results. Predictions are best left to weatherpeople and prophets.
It must be said though, the conclusion of the Zimmerman trial was enlightening. It displayed the raw power that black ink spilled upon pages years ago by rich, mostly white men can wield when attempting to apply to real life, fluid situations. Laws can be craftily written to exclude things or people. Sneaky loopholes that only a high paid tax attorney would have the wherewithal to properly apply are left couched within codified regulation, there for those that can, do and will benefit from. Interestingly, a law can be crafted in such a way as to actually ALLOW MURDER! It is not in my job description to further race bait and beg for justice, it is in my job description however to LEARN. Instead of allowing your emotions to flood an overtaxed mind, keep your calm and take in your surroundings. It is an historic day when one can proclaim that a most heinous human action -perhaps the most egregious punishment one human can foist upon another- is not only legal, but enshrined as a right. Take that and chew on it for a while.
Now that the bad taste is in full effect,  another comment on the above. The previous Zim/Martin post aimed to show what the actual point of all the media coverage was. It was not for justice, it was not in defense of justice either. It was primarily used as a dividing tool, a way to drive a wedge between humans and other humans. Divide and Conquer, no matter how stale and cliche its use might be is complete truth here, total reality-based strategy. The people, sufficiently incensed cannot enjoin hands and march toward actual freedom or justice. People are fed a festering plate of racism and confusion, and act accordingly.
I will not further the racebait idea by displaying it for your consumption, however one can easily search and learn the details. Race-based attacks occurred in many places after the verdict was read. Old white joggers getting decked, flashmob beatdowns and the like. This WAS the point of the trial, or rather, the wide and obsessive media coverage of it. And the strategy worked like a charm. The outrage may as of yet reached feverpitch, or perhaps the 24/7 news cycle has already washed human minds of yesterdays bloviation, but the utility of media coverage placed in the "right" hands is undeniable.

A third and final note, that of whistleblowing, and the spies who love us. A quick stroll through local and even national news comment sections is both disgusting and depressing. Many have differing ideas about where the polity went wrong. Where and when Americans completely forgot what being an American was about, what legal rights Americans used to have, and about the role and scope of the government that works for us. There is a mental sickness that infected many, many Americans and fooled them into firmly believing that they don't have any right to privacy where "national security" is involved. Bush really worked over the Right during his tenure, and Obama made the Left accept it. People have been PTSD'ed into giving up liberty, and giving it away with a smile. This is shown by numerous Americans calling for blood and death for two heroic whistleblowers. It is simply atrocious to watch humans argue about how bad the punishment should be for someone guilty of: releasing information proving that the government is completely out of control, completely destroying constitutional protections that have been enshrined and codified for hundreds of years. This is akin to the Zimmerman/Martin thought experiment. People are shown exactly how bad the government has become, people have been shown exactly the lengths the government has gone to obscure, cover up, and keep secret its level of illegality, and its many programs of illegality. And the response to showing exactly why the government programs are wrong, illegal, overreaching, overly broad, illegal, and unconstitutional is: punish the messenger, and punish them now, and punish them hard. Not even a second of examination is given to the claims made, only thoughts about how to restore order, how to further worship and protect our valiant and fearless protectorate racket. It is a defining moment in U.S. history: Americans have completely given up on the idea of liberty. No FEMA internment camps are needed, the government has a firm stranglehold on the American psyche, and it is only getting worse.
Of course there are plenty of dissenting, rational voices out there who are speaking out against this, but they are no longer a majority. A large number of Americans have been poisoned by the ideology of authority worship, and the collective mental sickness is on display for all to see. Someone risking their life and limb to simply INFORM the populace about potential(and existing) criminality is someone to be praised. Someone will literally rot in a human cage for the rest of their natural life, only for an effort of sharing truth. Bizarro world is in full effect now, this is the new reality. The specter of physical cages or threats of punishment pale in comparison to the diseased consciousness which pervades the new America.

This is the New American Century.