Friday, January 13, 2012

Existence Is Resistance

 Like my fellow comrade Blixfatal, I too have been slacking and putting off my efforts to contribute to this constant struggle against this putrid government. It's very unfortunate and I apologize to you all.

This being said I would like to get straight to this topic. Resistance through Art. Over the past few months I have been focused heavily on a steady rise of underground Rap and Hip-Hop Artists throughout the world who have been speaking out against corruption and fighting for equality for all people. These artists, with thought provoking beats and lyrics that will open your eyes, have been hitting hard and speaking out against what most would probably dare not say, but these men, and some women, have stood solid and have kept their fists raised in the struggle against Imperialism and corrupt Capitalism.

This spotlight is on three artists who have impacted not only myself but the world around them and are leading this great army of the peoples people. London based Rap artist Lowkey, the army from Wolverhampton England, Broken Dialect and the well known but viscous guerrilla warrior of his birth place Lima, Peru and his Root town, Brooklyn New York, Immortal Technique.

A man who has made a huge impact this past year in 2011 when his album "Soundtrack To the Struggle" dropped on the world, Lowkey has been working harder than most to spread the word on Government, the Palestinian people and has even touched on Cuba. With such track titles like "Obama Nation" and "Long Live Palestine" Lowkey has been rising as a very controversial Rapper. Between being labeled a "Potential Nightmare" by a writer of the Jewish chronicle, feuds with other artists and even Glenn Beck throwing in his unintelligent slandering, Lowkey still finds time to not only write some of the most intelligent lyrics to date but also help the children in the middle east on a campaign entitled "Existence is Resistance" where he and 9 other artists went to Palestine to help inspire kids, teaching non-violent resistance through music and art. Being one of my favourite records of 2011 "Soundtrack To The Struggle" will inspire and help paint a picture of the struggle not only of the Palestinian people, but for people like you and me. People who live in the heart of America's corruption and are aware and wish to speak up. Lowkey is currently touring and writing material for his new album.

Broken Dialect
Following Lowkey out of the London Underground are the trio known as Broken Dialect. Independently releasing their 2 albums "Musicophillia Artists" and their most recent release in 2011 " High Scope Verity" Broken Dialect has been running around the underground streets of London tearing about its monarchy. I first heard of these gentlemen through a video of Lowkeys and the media group GlobalFaction. GlobalFaction helps film and put out videos of music with such messages ranging from Political to Social to Spiritual awareness. With songs with titles like "Songs From The Heart," "Children of War," and "Oppression" BD speak up against class struggle, equality and wrongful military action. Like most of these artists, Broken Dialect promote Left Wing ideology, namely Communism and use it intelligently to fight logically in this heated and twisted world. Aside from their group the members (Utopia, Messi Mussiah and Lyfizalie) also spend alot of side time promoting individually their artistic talents and wrongful actions in this society, such as Domestic Violence. With many collaborations with the underground Broken Dialect has become a very outspoken and diverse group ready for any slander and action the Zionist Right Wing government throw at them.

Immortal Technique
The very first words of Political awareness and resistance against a corrupted government I heard was from Immortal Technique. This man is vicious. He has openly spoke out against US Imperialism and even 9/11 as the false flag conspiracy that it is. Immortal just released a new album in 2011 entitled "The Martyr" which features previously unreleased and never before heard tracks by him. Whats good about the underground is that he has released it free here
As harsh and hard as Tech can be he has a soft side that most of these government officials overlook when criticizing him. In June of 2008 Tech partnered with a Non-Profit Human Rights organization to lend his support. Profits of his "The 3rd World" album went to this project as he traveled to Kabul, Afghanistan to help build an orphanage without any cooperate or external funding. It houses over twenty orphaned children. Since the release of this album Immortal Technique is touring and also working on material for a new album in the near future.

Time for my thoughts as we draw to a close on this spotlight. My first and most prominent thought as I listen to what these Intellectuals are speaking about, be it socialism, anti-racism, oppression, poverty etc. I always ask myself. Is it really possible to speak for the opposite side? A Right Wing Rap artist. I quickly wave it out of my thoughts because Im sure it is impossible to Rap about Pro-Zionism, Corporations and  Pro-War. Just a random thought.

But as we view these three artists, their music and their ideals and charity work across the world we feel connected to them. We feel like they are one of the people here in these societies being oppressed and robbed from. And they are with us. I find it just shocking that someone like Glenn Beck or a writer for a Jewish magazine would call these men "Evil" and "Dangerous." Which is why they build orphanages and teach kids non-violent resistance to oppression and occupation.

Art is a true means of resisting an oppressive police force, military and government. Freedom of speech to speak out against these wrongful acts. Paint, write, rap, graffiti. Urban art is taking off and is a main say in political activism. Art has been used throughout history and has changed civilization.

These men help me push further against this resistance and these tracks will be anthems to our struggle. Never let your fist fall. Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood.